I’m Melissa Zink

I am an emerging photographer based in San Francisco, CA. After spending a few not so rewarding years post-graduation in the world of creative writing, I could no longer ignore my passion for the photographic art. I began studies at San Francisco College and Santa Monica College in film photography, studio lighting, and portraits. I then decided to continue my creativity and growth outside of the conventional institutions, choosing experience over classrooms.

 My decades of experience in the restaurant industry, and enjoyment of all things food and beverage related, naturally lead me to segue into food photography.  Food is not simply a basic need, but an art and beauty we can all share no matter economic status, culture, or gender. I believe the most relatable experience we all have as humans is the pleasure of dining, and what better way to document that than through my photographs.

Another equally engaging area of photographic passion is travel, which translates through my work from around the world, not only in food culture, but street and lifestyle photography as well.

Please contact me if you’d like to collaborate on a creative project in any of the above mentioned genres, or if you’d like any more information on my work.

All images are property of Melissa Zink; any attempt to copy, duplicate, or download images without consent will result in legal dispute.